Vengeance to us has never been a revengeful, spiteful, or violent thoughts of action to one. Vengeance to us is the act of using any negativity encrypted in your life to fuel your drive towards any passion you have. Throughout the brands history there has been plenty of failures. Established in 2017 in my closet with a cheesy silk screen I would make shirts in my tiny laundry room. I knew I wasn't big at the time, only a few friends had purchased from me but this still was a vision I believed in. It was one that when I was going through difficult times in my life, I would transfer that energy into this brand, the sad reality was every time I would launch it never worked. For 3 years I tried and failed which made this brand very close to my heart. I finally sat down and analyzed every possible decision I made and why it failed. I decided to take a break from being so active on social media during the 2020 Global Pandemic to establish a new business. Same name, same meaning, different logo. I realized through my analyzation that what matters more than reaching the end result is starting. Our society cares more about the end result when we believe starting is where the celebration starts, not at the end.

-Gilbert Lopez